Inserta® IFRM Flow Rectifier Manifold

IFRM Flow Rectifier Manifold


The INSERTA® IFRM Flow Rectifier Manifold utilizes four INSERTA® IGT Guided Disc Check Valves that are arranged in such a way so that flow through the controlled ports always flows in the same direction, no matter the flow direction in the supply ports.

The INSERTA® IFRM Flow Rectifier Manifold could be used in conjunction with a flow control valve so that the velocity of an actuator may be controlled in both directions using one valve. Similarly, it may be used with a filter in the supply port of an actuator assuring unidirectional flow through the filter in both direction of actuator operation.

The check valve elements are all steel construction, and the manifold is made from Zinc Nickel plate ductile iron.