Inserta® IBF Ball Valve 2-Port Directional

Inserta Ball Valve


INSERTA® Flange type, 2 port, Ball Valves, provide a simple means to install a ball valve in a circuit that uses any of the offered 4-Bolt flange mounting patterns. These ball valves and other INSERTA® products can be installed on or between other components such as pumps, motors, actuators, filters, valves and manifolds by simply and effectively bolting them together. These assemblies eliminate threaded pipe connections, and the adjoining components are face sealed with the preferred leak resistant O-ring.

INSERTA® Flange type, 2 port, Ball Valves, have two ball seals, one for each port, i.e. ports Ø and 1. The top of the stem has a slot that indicates the direction of the hole that goes through the two port ball valve element. When the slot is in line with ports Ø and 1 the valve is open and permits flow between these two ports. When the stem is turned 90° the slot indicates that these two ports do not communicate and the valve is closed. When the valve is in the closed position the port that sees the higher pressure pushes the ball against the ball seal of the opposing port side. In each case it is the seal on the side of the lower pressure port that creates the ball's directional control valve seal.

An offset steel handle is standard, while offset aluminum and straight aluminum handles are available as options. An offset handle is required for use with a lockable stop plate. A universal lockable stop plate is indicated if a flange or rotational adapter is to be mounted directly to Face 1 of the ball valve. Valve handles are packaged separately for mounting by customer. Standard ball valve handle mounting is with port Ø open to port 1 when the handle is turned counterclockwise and the ports are closed when the handle is turned clockwise.

The CODE 61 4-Bolt Valves can be mounted and retained in systems that employ UNIFIED CODE U61 4 or 2-Bolt Flange Ports and/or Flange Retainers. When used with 2-Bolt systems either of the 2 diagonal bolt holes can be used for mounting and retaining the valve. These ball valves are of steel construction with a hard chrome plated ball.

The UNIFIED CODE U61 4 OR 2-BOLT Ball Valves, require a black phenolic handle.