Check Valves for Hydraulic Systems

Inserta® is a leading provider of the finest hardware for hydraulic equipment, offering a wide selection of valves, connectors, and adapters for industrial and mobile applications. Our components are used by leading industrial and mobile equipment OEMs in North America and around the world. If you need new components for a hydraulic system, or wish to upgrade and existing system, Inserta ® has the specialty components for your needs. Our line of hydraulic check valves include one of the widest range of sizes in the industry, with specifications that provide top performance and reliability.

Inserta® Slip-In high-pressure hydraulic check valves and Inserta® Thread-in high-pressure hydraulic check valves are robust disc type valves for use in high pressure hydraulic systems with operating pressures of up to 6000 pounds per square inch and beyond, with nominal flow ranges from 1 to 400 gallons per minute. These hydraulic check valves offer advantages to standard hydraulic cartridge type check valves available in the industry, including a more compact design, with lower pressure drop and better efficiency. Thread-in hydraulic check valves are also available in stainless steel, with working pressures of 6000 psi and beyond. These valves are precisely machined and processed for durability and reliable service. They may be placed directly in manifolds, sub-plates, flanges or integrated valve systems. Inserta® also offers various housings including carriers and flange type valve bodies in support of these hydraulic check valves. These can be combined with various adapters and connectors to provide a compact, leak resistant, durable and high performance assembly with excellent performance and a professional appearance.

Located in Bluebell, Pennsylvania, USA, Inserta® has been providing the best components to the hydraulic industry for over thirty five years through continuous product and process improvement. We have a superior line of components necessary for developing and maintaining the best hydraulic systems available today. Our commitment to innovation and quality is part of our everyday operations.