Inserta® IGT (Steel) Check Valves Guided Disc, Thread-type

Inserta Check Valve

Partial Cut-away Shown

INSERTA® IGT (Steel) Check Valves Guided Disc, Thread-In type, may be considered as an alternative to standard Inserta® ICT Thread-In Type valves for more demanding applications.

These valves may be used in conjunction with modified SAE J1926-1 ports in manifolds, sub-plates, flanges, and components.

The guided disc design (patent pending) affords improved longevity in applications prone to significant turbulence, as well as in higher cycling and higher flow applications.

With only minor dimensional differences in length only, The IGT Thread-In type valve may often be directly substituted for the ICT valve, including in the Inserta ICFT 4-Bolt Flange Type Valve Assembly.

The valve components are steel. The valve discs and seats are hardened and flat lapped for positive fluid shut off.

The valve disc may be provided with a customer specified orifice to provide fixed orifice flow control function in the checked direction.