Inserta® icO™ inline control OPTIMIZER™

icO™ inline control OPTIMIZER™

INSERTA® Products is pleased to announce the icO™ inline control Optimizer™ valves. They are configurable for pressure, flow, and directional control functions, and are intended to be used with hydraulic circuits containing SAE 518 flange patterns. Valve assemblies for use with SAE J518-1, size 12 flanges, in fourteen different relief configurations, will be introduced first.

The icO™ inline control Optimizer™ consists of a main flanged assembly, and pilot sections that together dictate the overall function of the valve. Some of the potential functions include pilot operated, vented, and electro-proportional relief, pressure reducing, accumulator unloading, counterbalance, sequence, flow control, pilot operated check, and 2-way valves.

These valves have favorable pressure override, overshoot, and reverse flow pressure drop characteristics. They ship complete. There are no additional valve bodies to purchase, or cavities to machine. Inlet and outlet flow paths share the same axis. They may be favorable alternatives over standard hydraulic cartridge or 2/2 slip-in logic elements in many applications.

The icO™ inline control Optimizer™ metallic components are made from steel and ductile iron. Critical internal elements are hardened for long life. The introductory valve size has a nominal flow rating of 40 gpm and a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi, with higher flow capacities and maximum working pressures to be introduced in valves with larger flange sizes.