Inserta® ICFS Check Valve Bodies

Inserta Check Valve

INSERTA® ICFS Check Valve Bodies, with Support member Flange type, provide a simple way to install the same nominal size Check Valve or Fixed Orifice Flow Control Valve in a piping system that uses SAE 4-Bolt flange patterns. These bodies accept the INSERTA® ICS Slip-In Type Check Valves, which should be ordered separately. The support member retains the slip-in check valve in the flange body together with the required sealing O-rings. These valve assemblies can be installed on pumps, valves, manifolds and other components that have SAE 4-Bolt ports. The leak resistant Oring face sealed joint eliminates less desirable pipe connections. The INSERTA® ICS Check Valves, Slip-In Type, can be installed with free flow in either direction.

INSERTA® ICFS Check Valve Bodies, Flange type, with their Support Members are all steel construction.