Inserta® Modular Connector U61 2-Bolt

Inserta Modular Connector

INSERTA® UNIFIED CODE U61 2-Bolt Modular Connectors are used in integrated hydraulic systems in place of welded and threaded pipefittings. These 2-Bolt Modular Connectors offer great flexibility and additional options for making compact integrated hydraulic system. Design-A and Design-B Inserta Modular connector (IEL) elbows, (ITR) tee runs, (IRT) retaining tee runs, (ITB) tee branch, (ICX) crosses, (IRC) retaining cross, (IPS) port spacer, (IPR) port retainer and (IPN) port connector (design-C only) are held in place by bolts (Socket Head Cap Screws). The 2-Bolt Modular Connectors should be used whenever the features of the 4-Bolt design are not required.