Inserta® Specialty Flange Plates (ISP, IGC, IBP, IOP)

Inserta Specialty Flange Plates

*Prop 65 Warning for ISP Seal Plate with Integrity Support Ring Only

INSERTA® Specialty Flange Plates (ISP) seal plates, (IGC) gender changer, (IBP) blanking plate, (IOP) orifice plates provide great flexibility in the assembly of INSERTA® modular valves and connectors. Specialty Flange Plates for use with INSERTA® S.A.E. 4-Bolt Flange modular valves and connectors include Seal Plates with seal and optional integrity support ring, Gender Changer plates, Blanking Plates and Blanking Plates with orifice.

INSERTA® ISP Seal Plates are made to located and provide the proper squeeze on the O-Ring to facilitate sealing on the two joining surfaces. An optional Integrity Support Ring can be added to provide structural support for the two joining inner surfaces. This support ring should also be used to eliminate seal damage or loss caused by rapid fluid decompression and/or high line flow forces.

INSERTA® IGC Gender Change Plates are made with a nominal size center hole. This permits two O-Ring clamp like flange faces to be joined together with their O-Ring’s sealing on the opposing Gender Changer plate’s surface.

INSERTA® IBP Blanking Plates are made with a dome that induces stresses in the plate that are several times greater than any anticipated fluid’s maximum opposing pressure stress. The dome is installed facing the fluid side that is to become pressurized.

INSERTA® IOP Orifice Plates are Blanking Plates with an orifice in the center of the dome. By facing the dome upstream, this provides a preferred leading center stream sharp edge orifice for fluid flow control.